Winter fun in ski resort Bad Kleinkirchheim

Active winter holidays in Bad Kleinkirchheim

A winter holiday with sunshine and glittering snow is one of the highlights of the year for winter sports enthusiasts. Around Bad Kleinkirchheim there are numerous opportunities to enjoy winter actively. Let yourself be inspired and try something new. Who knows, perhaps you might discover some unexpected passions and talents!


If you love speed, you’ll enjoy some toboggan fun. One of the most popular rides is the natural run at Kaiserburg, easily accessible from the Kaiserburgbahn to the middle station. Other natural toboggan runs can be found at Brunnach, Falkerthaus and Unterwirthütte. The highlight of every toboggan ride is a stop at one of the cosy mountain huts - a stopover not only for skiers!
Those who prefer to take their holiday at a more leisurely pace can enjoy snowshoeing and winter hiking. In the Nockberge Biosphere Reservation nearby, you have plenty of opportunities to do so. We personally recommend trying a guided snowshoe tour at first. A professional guide will show you existing trails and draw your attention to particularly beautiful views. This also helps you get used to the unfamiliarity of snowshoes, and prepares you for striking out on your own adventure.
A winter hike is especially relaxing on a holiday in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Sturdy footwear and sunglasses are all you need. On the extensive hiking trails around Bad Kleinkirchheim you will feel like you are walking on sunshine.


Don’t miss a couple of laps on the trail! From mid-December to spring, the snow-covered, 8 km valley track is perfect for classic cross-country skiing and skating. From the COOEE alpin Hotel Bad Kleinkirchheim, you’ll reach its entry point in no time. The view of the Nock Mountains and the snow-covered landscape is breathtaking - enjoy it!

Our tip: Ice-skating is also a lot of fun and a pleasant addition to your winter holiday. It’s especially suitable for families with children. The ice-skating rink Kurpark in Bad Kleinkirchheim is a popular attraction. If the nearby Brennsee or Afritzer See are frozen over, they offer the finest natural ice for skating.

Active winter holidays - enjoy your vacation in the snow!

Active holiday in winter? No problem. Maybe you can't cycle or go for long hikes in the Nockberge mountains during the snowy season, but nevertheless Bad Kleinkirchheim offers countless possibilities how you can spend your winter holiday in this beautiful place. If you are planning an active holiday in winter, Bad Kleinkirchheim is the perfect destination! This is partly due to the fact that the sun shines most of the time, even in winter. And amidst the glittering, snow-covered mountains and valleys, the cosy winter feeling rises to immeasurable heights!

More than 100 kms of slopes

However, there is definitely more to discover in Bad Kleinkirchheim than just marvelling at the beautiful landscape. Because Bad Kleinkirchheim is a place full of action, adventure and fun! No matter whether you are travelling with your family or want to experience an extraordinary time with friends - Bad Kleinkirchheim goes for it!
On one hand, there are more than 100 kilometres of perfectly groomed slopes, which can be reached quickly and easily by using 25 modern lifts. Ski tours of varying degrees of difficulty through the snow-covered mountain world ensure that both beginners and experienced skiers get their money's worth. 17% of the slopes are designed for beginners, while the medium-difficulty routes predominate with 75%. The remaining 8% fall into the difficult category and are only suitable for advanced skiers. The snowmaking system on the slopes ensures the best safety conditions for a comfortable descent on each route.
Skiing in Bad Kleinkirchheim is simply fun!

Cross-Country skiing tracks & winter hikes

Cross-country skiers particularly enjoy the Nockberge Trail. This demanding trail starts at the Katschberg and stretches over four daily stages to Bad Kleinkirchheim. The highlight of the trail is the absolute merging with the fantastic nature around you. If you prefer short stages, you will certainly find great pleasure in the eight-kilometre-long valley trail or in the trail level Reichenau-Gnesau.
Even hikers can go on exciting excursions in the winterly Bad Kleinkirchheim. A total of 60 kilometres of winter hiking trails offer a unique experience in the midst of the breathtaking nature of Bad Kleinkirchheim.

Off piste activities

Besides classic skiing, you can also enjoy extraordinary winter sports activities. 7 toboggan runs promise great fun for the whole family off the ski slopes!
Curling or ice skating in Bad Kleinkirchheim can be experienced as further alternatives to skiing. Curling is a widespread sport in the Alps. Two opposing teams face each other and between them there is a 14-metre-long area. In the middle of this area is the so-called Daube, the target of the game. The players try in turns to throw ice sticks as close as possible to the stave. In the end, the team that scored the most points wins. And ice skating is known to be an activity that always brings joy and happiness.
Horse-drawn carriage rides and paragliding are also activities that you should definitely try out during your visit to Bad Kleinkirchheim. Paragliding opens up a whole new perspective on the magical, snow-covered mountain world and in a horse-drawn carriage, snuggled in warmly, the romance can hardly be topped.

Be right in the middle

Bad Kleinkirchheim is simply ideal for an exciting winter holiday that will get you away from the grey winter mood. Our COOEE alpin Hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim is located in the heart of the versatile town and, in addition to the many exciting activities, takes care that you are still guaranteed a peaceful atmosphere and the best service!

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